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Advanced Reviews are in for 39: Your Last Birthday

Advanced reviews are in, read the good, the bad, and the okay (we don't have ugly yet, but I am sure there coming). Read them, like your favorites, or leave your own. Honestly, there are some REALLY colorful ones.

I read almost 100 books a year and, of those 100's, I clearly remember maybe a dozen. 39:Your Last Birthday will be one that is unforgettable.

Hoooooo doggie!! This author could write the birds out of the trees.

Not the typical type of novel I usually read. Bit slower to get through as well.

On that note, I found it really well written and enjoyed getting to know each of the characters.

Just push through the agonizing beginning of the book and I don’t think you’ll regret it.

It’s told in pieces by a somewhat distracted narrator who believes he was cursed

This is really well choreographed for maximum emotional attachments to the characters.

A mystery, a lush setting, and unforgettable characters fill the pages of this exceptional novel, along with an emotional plunge into the depths of a soul.

I realized I hate baseball. However, the story slowly grew on me, mostly because of the writing.

There were some heavy topics in this book mentioning addiction to alcohol throughout and family abandonment.

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1 comentario

26 mar 2023

WOW.....Another Mystery------One I have to finish ASAP ----to see the ending. O

Me gusta
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