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Book Club Questions - Payback Jack

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

To give each reader the best experience possible the author created 13 questions for you to use for your book club. Feel free to send new questions to the author.

1. Which crime and surrounding media coverage do you most clearly

remember? As a child?

2. As an adult?

3. How did these crimes change you and your perspective of the world?

4. After Chapter One, what questions first came to your mind about Smith


5. Are you Hoge Vale or Anthony Arcola; and why?

6. Did Rachel make the right decision defending Percy?

7. Nathan DeRidder is a police officer opposed to the death penalty. Give

an example of being on an unexpected side of an issues.

8. BJ, Carrie, Nathan and Miranda all have vastly different opinions on the

death penalty. Yet each character had civil discussions with their political

adversaries. Have Americans lost their ability to have civil discussions?

Give examples.

9. Do you believe in the death penalty?

10. If your child was on death row for a terrible crime, would you support the

government in executing your child?

11. If you do not support the death penalty: if a loved one was murdered,

what punishment is appropriate for your loved one’s murderer?

12. What issues, family choices, or child raising choices have you been

hypocritical about in the past?

13. Which character did you most identify with and why?

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