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Save the Pines

My 2025 novel endeavors to assist in the Rebirth of our hometown Movie Palace

As my readers know, each of my novels takes on social issues or a cause (in my womperjawed way).

My fifth novel will focus on something a little more local.

Sadly, as former and current Silsbee residents know, the Pines Theater has fallen on tough times. The theater currently languishes in a state of disrepair. An incredible team, the Save the Pines Project, rose to restore our local movie palace. They will return the Pines to its former glory while creating a multi-purpose asset for the city. (Love you Save the Pines Team)

Melissa Smart, the incredible Silsbee Chamber of Commerce, and the amazing Save the Pines Team are doing great work already, please support their efforts. You can watch one of the several youtube videos about their progress.

My interest started years ago while visiting Silsbee for Payback Jack's book signing. I stopped by the Save the Pines booth and became a supporter of the Save the Pines Project (on a limited basis, small donations, buying T-shirts, and Calendars). The team's efforts touched my heart, so when writing my fourth novel, Claws, I used Silsbee's Pines Theater (circa 1976) as one of my settings.

To do that, as an author, I must tap into the emotions of the place, my arsenal of memories (Watching Escape from Witch Mountain, Sharky's Machine (my first R-Rated Movie), and trying awkwardly to hold hands with my first date.)

Still, just using the Pines as a setting for my novel does little to help the restoration. The issue knawed on me.

I will (and if you are from Silsbee you should) continue to support the efforts via donations. However, watching this incredible team work from a distance, told me I must try to help in my way.

The idea for Forgotten Summer came to me when I was thinking about the Pines and my love of movies. The book's plot, twists, and characters all embrace the need to restore this movie palace to its former grandeur.

I hope the Pines restoration is completed well before the novel's publication, and I am betting on the Save the Pines Team. Still, I am excited to try to help. Look for Forgotten Summer in 2025. I hope to use it as a vehicle to bring attention to this incredible Silsbee treasure and garner support for the team already doing great work.

Oh and please remember the Silsbee-based novel Claws - coming October 31st, 2024

Photo credit David Stall

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