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Check Out Politikill's First Offical Review

Feb 4 Politikill by Timothy Gene Sojka

TITLE INFORMATION Politikill Timothy Gene Sojka Black Rose Writing, 314 pages 9781684339044, 3.17.22 Overall Rating = 5 Storyline & Concept = 5 Writing & Delivery = 5 Editorial = 5 A woman with a mysterious past, a pair of FBI agents, a university professor, and several corrupt politicians make up the main cast of characters in this thriller by Timothy Sojka. The revelation of bribes and corruption within the political system and the execution of the key players throw Washington DC into a state of fear. The mystery lies in who is behind these acts of retribution and why they are determined to publicly expose and eliminate the offenders. Sojka weaves another captivating tale in this thriller that delves into a political system that breeds corruption. The connections between the characters are revealed along a trail of twists and turns, with many surprises along the way. Those characters are well developed, diverse, and captivating in their own right. The author adds spice to the novel with interactions that grab the readers and keeps them turning the pages. Mr. Sojka’s excellent writing skills are laid out front and center. Add a sharp and timely plot, and you have the recipe for a winning story. This novel can meet the expectations of a wide variety of readers who are looking for a suspenseful mystery thriller with a touch of romance. Sublime Line:Politikill is a timely, highly recommended political thriller that checks all the boxes to keep readers engaged and turning the pages.” Sublime Book Review PURCHASE AT AMAZON PURCHASE AT BARNES & NOBLE Sublime Book Review

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