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Houston Author gives away the first 32 Pages of his Novel Politikill to Houston Residents

Politikill attacks corruption in Washington while paying homage to Houston and Southeast Texas.

Politikill, is a political thriller, but also an homage to Houston and Southeast Texas. I grew up here and love this area. To test the waters, I've attached the first 32 pages for free to Houston Residents. See corrupt politicians meet the consequences of their actions.

Writing a book rivals raising a child.

You're there when it's born, watch it take its first steps, fumble through edits, correct the mistakes (hoping it learned its lessons), see if it can stand on its own (test readers), then watch it step into the world (next week).

No pressure though, I am giving my Houston friends and residents a free peek. I have attached the first few chapters for free. Feel free to send this to friends and family.

Oh, and yes, my beard is really that gray, no editing to get it there.

Free - Politikill
Download PDF • 7.26MB

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