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Latest Review for 39: Your Last Birthday

Thanks so much Lisa Aiello

Hoooooo doggie!! That was an amazing story!! 4.5 stars, which I was going to round down simply because there's a lot of baseball in these pages (which I know next to nothing about and is hardly the author's fault), but then I ran into this quote: "I felt like a pinata at a broomstick convention, wondering when hard candy would shoot out my a@#." That's just pure writing gold and is worthy of more than 5 stars alone!! Back to the book. This author could write the birds out of the trees (Is that even a saying? Because I feel like it should be a saying.) You are immediately transported and dropped into life in Silsbee, Texas. You can feel the heat, hear the call of all the critters in the wild, and feel the cooling waters on the swimming holes. Life just feels good, even though it was tough work living on a working farm. The characters are larger than life, the storyline is thoroughly engaging and I could hardly wait to flip the pages and find out where this was going. There are tough themes dealt with here, but life is just kind of messy, isn't it? This is simply authentic and thoughtful writing.

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