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Politikill: The Thriller DC doesn't want you to read is FREE TODAY (4/27/2022)

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

South East Texas novelist Tim Sojka debates the conundrum of career politicians and DC's bribery culture in the taunt political #1 Amazon Thriller, Politikill.

The highly lauded (reviews here) #1 Thriller is based in DC; and Houston, Silsbee, Galveston, Austin, and Midland Texas, the novel moves like a bullet train according to early critics. The novel's Kickline: Take a bribe, meet your maker promises action that delivers throughout the text.

Populated with young FBI Agents, a College Professor who specializes in political assassinations, and a mysterious high-school political science teacher with British roots, the book will keep you guessing, while exploring options for a better, smarter government.

Free - Politikill
Download PDF • 7.26MB

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