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Sojka at the Movies Rambo: Last Blood (let's certainly hope so!)

Warning, if you are disturbed by beheadings, amputations, movie cliche, or have a weak stomach do not watch this movie. If you love beheadings, amputations, and movie cliche's boy do I gotta movie for you.

Picture "Taken" without the Hollywood ending combined with the gore of "Saw" merged into one convenient movie sandwich and I give you Rambo: Last Blood. I know you don't get this from the title of my introduction, but this movie is a must-watch or at the very least something to behold.

Some people have made fun of a 70-year-old Sylvester Stallone for making an action movie. These people are obviously jealous couch potatoes. If I was in the shape Stalone was for this movie I would never don a shirt again. He put in the work to get into that shape, let him make all the damn action movies he wants. Beat him in an arm-wrestling competition (Over the Top - 1987) before you tell him to stop damn't.

O.K. the plot is morbidly predictable and the dialogue could be taken from Rambo 1-3. Still, detach all sense of reality, grab a beer and enjoy.

Yes, you will feel your IQ dropping while watching the movie, but damn't we have all killed brain cells doing stupider things (or am I just speaking for me). About the title of the review, Last Blood (let's certainly hope so!) - I think Mr. Stallone went out in style. Great job sir.

Ohh - and if you love to read books full of action and plot twist may I humbly recommend Payback Jack Launching March of 2021. Reach out if you would like to have your group do an early book club with an appearance (live or Zoom depending on your location) from the author (hey that's me).

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