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Sublime Book Review of 39

Latest Reviews Come in on 39: Your Last Birthday

As he nears his 39th birthday, Stephen Detals is drawn to his hometown and the Neches River in Southeast Texas. It isn’t only homesickness that takes him there. Nor is it entirely an escape from the destruction of his baseball career or his constant battle with alcoholism. He’s also drawn by his belief in destiny. His father and grandfather committed suicide on their 39th birthdays, and Stephen believes his fate is already decided.

A mystery, a lush setting, and unforgettable characters fill the pages of this exceptional novel, along with an emotional plunge into the depths of a soul. After two successful novels, Mr. Sojka has gone above and beyond with a story that grabs hold of the reader from the very first line. He takes it even further to engross his audience; he takes them into the heart and soul of an addict while entertaining them with a plotline devised to keep the pages turning. Sojka’s outstanding writing skill evokes laughter, despair, fear, suspense, and thrills. Not to be missed.

Sublime Line: “Another five-star read from a master of intrigue, suspense, emotion, and wit.”

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