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Will Texas’s Literary Influence Grow with the Booming Population?

Texas, October 2023 –

For over 100 years, New York, and other East Coast cities shaped America’s version of literary success. Since most literary agents and publishers lived in Manhattan and nearby areas, East Coast stories reflected their taste.

To be fair, these literary influencers shepherded southern wordsmiths to success; Faulkner (Mississippi), Rice (Louisiana), Lee (Alabama), Mitchell (Georgia), and McMurtry (Texas) for example. Still, no one can blame the establishment for focusing on what they know, and they know the East Coast.

An interesting question arises, based on a recent population study.

According to a moveBuddha article by writer Nick Pipitone, the largest city in the United States by the year 2100 will be Dallas - Fort Worth. Oh, and #2 Houston, #3 Austin. According to the same report, New York will be the fifth largest city after #4 Phoenix.

The question, will Texas’s literary influence rise as the population booms?

With over 2,000 homes sold and three Amazon #1 novels, I can offer a unique perspective as a Realtor® and writer.

Home sales are booming in the Houston suburbs. People who can’t own homes in other states can own in Texas. As a Realtor®, I can tell you many of our listings sell to out-of-state buyers.

As an author, educators encouraged me to write about what I know. I embrace that mantra, but the best authors write about where you know too. I write about Southeast Texas, it’s what and where I know.

My head tells me it’s simple economics, as Texas population booms, our authors will grow in number, talent, and diversity, and then the infrastructure; agents, literary magazines, and publishers will transplant here to support the talent. Naturally, the influence of Texas authors, publishers, and literary magazines will explode.

Like our new arrivals, I’m a transplant myself.

My heart tells me, this state nourished me and took me in at 5 years old. Texas felt like a different world, magical, welcoming, awe-inspiring, and terrifying at once. So, I will write about Texas. New residents may feel the same way.

I’m happy Texas is getting more attention. Especially my stomping grounds Southeast Texas. I cannot wait for the rest of the country to see the diversity this state offers, from the influences (the Indigenous Texans, then the Spanish, French, Africans, English, Germans, and other settlers,) the intermingling of flavors (Tex-Mex to White Table Cloth), the music (Blues, to Country to Rock).

I am excited to watch Texas grow as a Realtor®, but more so as an author. Our state can nourish authors of different voices, creeds, and perspectives into the national conversation. The more perspectives Americans read, the stronger citizens we become.”

You can order Amazon Bestsellers, 39: Your Last Birthday, Politikill, and Payback Jack.

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